5 maj 2012

This Kid got 157 IQ

He is only two years old, but can already recite the alphabet forward and backward and count to a thousand.

The two year old light head Anthony Popa Urria the compound Mensas latest addition.

Mensa, an organization for people with high IQ, has spoken of the two year old Canadian Anthony Popa Urria as a member.

Anthony speaks English, Spanish and passable Romanian. He also has impressive knowledge of astronomy - he can name all the planets in the solar system.

- He has always been attentive, even when he was only around four months. He was curious and looked around, said his grandmother told the newspaper Victoria Times Colonist.

IQ is measured relative and based on an assumed average intelligence of 100.

- Since compensates for age. But the brain is quite plastic and change physically when you grow up, so there is no definitive figure when it is so small, says Pontus Olin on Mensa Stockholm.

Swedish Mensa has no members of the same age, according to Pontus Olin.

- No, not so young. In Sweden, you must be over 18 to take a test, he says.