19 juni 2011

48% of New Yorkers Support a New 9/11 Investigation into Building 7′s Collapse

As the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approaches quickly, a new Siena poll shows that half of New Yorkers today are in support of a new probe into the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7.

The poll shows that 1 in 3 New Yorkers were unaware of Building 7′s collapse and, despite the importance of the events of that day, only 25% have ever seen video footage of Building 7 collapsing at free fall.  Only 14% could identify the name of the skyscraper.

Moreover, the poll shows that only 49% who were aware of Building 7′s collapse believe fires brought it down.  24% believe it was a controlled demolition, and 23% are unsure.

The poll was conducted in May of 2011 and is sponsored by Remember Building 7 (a group including 9/11 family members), NYC CAN and by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth).

Four 9/11 family members and four AE911Truth representatives actually feature in a historic TV ad now being seen across New York City. The people appearing in the TV ad are asking the public to learn about the collapse of Building 7 and are challenging US officials at NIST for their conclusions about the event.

18 juni 2011

Burglar logs into MySpace on store computer

KENNEWICK, Washington. – A burglar who spent about five hours on a store’s computer after breaking into the business gave police all the clues they needed to track him down. Investigators said the

17-year-old logged into his MySpace account while at Bella Office Furniture and that made it easy for them to find him. He also spent time looking at pornography and trying to sell stolen items, all while using the business’ computer.

He was arrested Tuesday and charged with first degree burglary. Kennewick Police said he helped officers recover a cell phone stolen in the break-in.

17 juni 2011

86-year-old sentenced for selling liquor to children

For years the 86-year-old man sold liquor to minors. But when a girl suffered alcohol poisoning the police discovered his business. Now he is sentenced for the illegal sales.

When the police went through the 86-year-old apartment they found about 40 bottles of spirits of the varieties of vodka, whiskey and raki, some of them are sorted into bags.

During the trial, a 16 year old guy told the police that he purchased vodka from the 86-year-old at a dozen times in two years.

Everything came to light when the 16-year-old one day had his girlfriend with him. They bought a bottle of vodka by the 86-year-old for 130 kronor (10 dollar).

But the girl got to drunk of the booze and was evacuated by ambulance to the hospital. When she woke up she told the police who sold the booze, idiot.

And now convicted 86-year-old against his denial of the unlawful sale of alcoholic beverages. But because of his advanced age there is no prison sentence, instead they sentenced him to probation and a fine of 9000 kronor (800 dollar)