31 mars 2011

Swedish Culture

Here is something for you, Swedish guy trashing his apartment for no reason, i think he got some serious pysical problems. Made a english text for it.

- Ha-ha-haa, yeees I can just aswell destroy destroy this hole cabinet!
- Why not, *takes hammer* why not.
- Ups, look how nice... very nice.. modern and here we got a little screw-screwdriver. Look how nice we make it today. *takes screwdriver*
- Bang on you, well this is very nice, shall we take the scissor to, yeah we'll do that. *takes scissor*
- Im taking this one, watch, i take everything i have. I take this one, taken, taken, 25 kronor, taken, 10 kronor, taken, a frok, taken.
- It dont wanna bite, i bit the fork. I bit the fork. No it dosent want it.*puts back fork*
- Do we got anything more, no. Watch this, isent it elegant ooh, so nice, watch, now im happy, so nice, lets close this.


USA sends 155 marines to Japan

155 Marines - specialize in working with nuclear disasters - has sat on a plane bound for Fukushima.

Help needed.

The level of radioactive iodine reaches new peak measurements.

The 155 soldiers from Task Force Chemical Biological Incident Response Force is trained to identify the chemicals, monitoring radiation levels and to remediate radioactive contaminated personnel.

The team is expected to Japan tomorrow, said an officer in the U.S. according to TT.
Not participate actively

But they will not participate directly in efforts to stabilize the situation in the wrecked reactor but only assist the local authorities at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Japan, which has been selective in accepting assistance, has received the U.S. offer.

And help may be needed.

The level of radioactive iodine is 4385 times higher than allowed in the ocean off the quake hit the power plant in Fukushima Japan, Kyodo news agency reported.

Levels have risen rapidly. On Saturday, the value 1250 times higher than permitted.

This shit just got real.

Battlefield 3 - Info

Are you tired of the 4-5 hour action game Medal of Honor and Call of Duty? Then Dice good news for you, VG247 reports. Battlefield 3 will in fact have a really groovy campaign to play through the entire 12 hours. In this way, hope Dice to not only hardcore players will discover the series, but also those who do not normally play this type of game. This is like very much. http://www.vg247.com/2011/03/30/battlefield-3-campaign-to-last-12-hours/

Battlefield 3 - Fault Line Series Episode III: Get That Wire Cut

Third trailer for Battlefield 3. Frostbite 2 looks so freaking good. This will be the best war shooter ever.

Man stole policecar in Stockholm

A 30 year old man from Stockholm Sweden stole a policecar and ran over another civilian leaving the driver with several injuries. The car theif was under the influence of alcohol and cocain. This is some heavy duty stuff!

30 mars 2011

Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time - Fishy Corporation special [Press link]

Fishy Corporation is an international company, founded in 2006 by the founders Von Fish and Ricky Martini.

The company immediately made ​​rapid progress and today is a financially strong company that has contacts all over the world. Fishy corporation is basically an investment company, which means that we have shares in all large companies.

Fishy Corporation sets the standard for the higher financial elite worldwide. Von Fish is CEO, and Ricky Martini is vice president and head of the subsidiary Fishy Productions, which focuses on media management and media bias.

The Fishy Corporation blog is finally here, is english aswell.! We are a company from Sweden that is sent here to the Internet to spread the message of Fishy.

Posted here will be all kind of youtube videos, funny pictures, news, events and all kind of stuff. Stay tuned for more fishy entertainment!

Here is a video that represent Sweden!