30 mars 2011

Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time - Fishy Corporation special [Press link]

Fishy Corporation is an international company, founded in 2006 by the founders Von Fish and Ricky Martini.

The company immediately made ​​rapid progress and today is a financially strong company that has contacts all over the world. Fishy corporation is basically an investment company, which means that we have shares in all large companies.

Fishy Corporation sets the standard for the higher financial elite worldwide. Von Fish is CEO, and Ricky Martini is vice president and head of the subsidiary Fishy Productions, which focuses on media management and media bias.

The Fishy Corporation blog is finally here, is english aswell.! We are a company from Sweden that is sent here to the Internet to spread the message of Fishy.

Posted here will be all kind of youtube videos, funny pictures, news, events and all kind of stuff. Stay tuned for more fishy entertainment!

Here is a video that represent Sweden!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Funny as hell, but the bacon scene was a bit... yea... Followed.

  2. looking forward to more Fishy entertainment. following.

  3. Hello! Are fish a common source of food for Sweden? I was talking with a foreign exchange student, and he mentioned that fish are a big part of Sweden's income, almost as big as Japan. If Fishy Corporation is a large investment company for Sweden, then I hope it has investment in the fishing industry!

  4. Fish is allover the Swedish market, many companies fish the common fish "Torsk" which is not really that good at all, it kinda taste like water. But there is good money involved.