31 mars 2011

Swedish Culture

Here is something for you, Swedish guy trashing his apartment for no reason, i think he got some serious pysical problems. Made a english text for it.

- Ha-ha-haa, yeees I can just aswell destroy destroy this hole cabinet!
- Why not, *takes hammer* why not.
- Ups, look how nice... very nice.. modern and here we got a little screw-screwdriver. Look how nice we make it today. *takes screwdriver*
- Bang on you, well this is very nice, shall we take the scissor to, yeah we'll do that. *takes scissor*
- Im taking this one, watch, i take everything i have. I take this one, taken, taken, 25 kronor, taken, 10 kronor, taken, a frok, taken.
- It dont wanna bite, i bit the fork. I bit the fork. No it dosent want it.*puts back fork*
- Do we got anything more, no. Watch this, isent it elegant ooh, so nice, watch, now im happy, so nice, lets close this.


19 kommentarer:

  1. what.....
    +1 follower for explanation

  2. Oh, Sweden! You're so silly.

  3. Freaky. Most definitely not in his right state of mind.

  4. +1 like this post

  5. Haha, wow what the hell?

  6. what the... strange persons in this world. im guessing not to long before he goes out on a shooting spree

  7. what
    that has some serious issues

  8. What the f**k did I just read? Hahaha

  9. that was actually quite funny to watch, maybe he just had to destroy it, as he was buying new one?

  10. really freaky vid... i live in sweden, i cant go out now

  11. still confused maybe one day ill understand