1 april 2011


After X Factor - Now comes Sex Factor.

The South African talent hope to sift out the future porn stars.

The winners - one man and one woman - have roles in the newspaper Hustlers upcoming porn video.

Talent Hunt will be determined at the fair six-pole, which takes place in Durban and Johannesburg in South Africa in the autumn.

100 finalists will then have sex on stage and judged by a jury.

Although the audience may vote.
"Great interest"

The organizers hope in this way locate future porn stars. The winners are rewarded with 450 British pounds and was a porn video contract.

Over 1000 people attended the competitions for the slightly odd talent.

- Strong interest came as a surprise. But we are very pleased, "says the show's producer Donovan van Wyngaard told The Sun.

To participate you must be over 18 and able to demonstrate on paper that is not carrying any sexually transmitted disease.
"Everyone thinks they certainly are good"

- All sorts of people have applied to the show, not just the kind we expected. I'm sure everyone thinks they are great at this, so it will be interesting to see exactly how good they really are, "said judge and strip club owner Perle van Schalkwyk told The Sun.

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  1. Surely the contestants would get more than £450. Wait, hang on....*Checks google for story before finishing comment*... Soo, april 1st?

  2. hahahah hell yeah thought the same im never going to be fooled again. Zelda movie broke my heart.

  3. What the hell is going on here on the x factor

  4. where the world is going...

  5. Oh man that's so ridiculous. followed! alphabetalife.blogspot.com

  6. The tasks will probably be very HARD. Hopefully they'll be CREAMED with delicious white icecream. Fuck this, my puns are lame. Gogo pornstars

  7. awww thats creepy in a way... but I guess they just do what people wanna watch.

  8. Glad im not the custodian cleaning up that stage after the competition

  9. I want to watch it right now lol