17 juni 2011

86-year-old sentenced for selling liquor to children

For years the 86-year-old man sold liquor to minors. But when a girl suffered alcohol poisoning the police discovered his business. Now he is sentenced for the illegal sales.

When the police went through the 86-year-old apartment they found about 40 bottles of spirits of the varieties of vodka, whiskey and raki, some of them are sorted into bags.

During the trial, a 16 year old guy told the police that he purchased vodka from the 86-year-old at a dozen times in two years.

Everything came to light when the 16-year-old one day had his girlfriend with him. They bought a bottle of vodka by the 86-year-old for 130 kronor (10 dollar).

But the girl got to drunk of the booze and was evacuated by ambulance to the hospital. When she woke up she told the police who sold the booze, idiot.

And now convicted 86-year-old against his denial of the unlawful sale of alcoholic beverages. But because of his advanced age there is no prison sentence, instead they sentenced him to probation and a fine of 9000 kronor (800 dollar)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Laws are laws no matter how old you are, you're not above it.

  2. I he was born in 86 it wouldn't be as bad.

  3. Parents who host lose the most! But seriously... hearing people get in trouble for stuff like this is kind of ridiculous. I mean, I know they want to rid the world of alcohol purchases for minors, but there are so many people who do it with little reason to stop.

    But I suppose that just like jaywalking, maybe they enforce it just to save a few lives among many lost to the drug that's worse than a certain plant that is illegal to use for recreation, if you get my drift...